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How to draw out a car rental contract?

How to draw out a car rental contract?

Are you a car rental company? How to easily draw out a car rental contract by respecting the standards and laws in force?


A clearly defined service is often goes hand in hand with a healthy relationship with one’s customers. Car rental is no exception to the rule. The tax authorities may have their eye on this subject and for a balanced management, it is important to always formalize the car rental contracts in writing. In this article, find out how to easily set up a car rental contract and our recommendations for opting for an adapted car rental software.

What are the regulations of a car rental contract?

There are several regulations that the car rental company must take into account in a car rental contract. Information relating to the general conditions of car rental should be available to the customer. Here are the 3 main information that the car rental contract template should contain.

Information on the prices and conditions of the car rental service

The car rental contract must specify the conditions of the service’s delivery, such as the conditions of driving license’s seniority. It goes without saying, that the car rental contract must contain the terms for calculating the price of the main service such as the unit prices that include taxes of all the elements of the service (kilometer, time) and any additional costs which may be applicable. The fuel billing terms, fixed or unitary, must be mentioned in the car rental contract.


Do not forget the amount inclusive of the security deposit and the rental advances that are required. Just like the other conditions and pricing information, mainly the costs and conditions of cancellation or in the case of return of the car beyond the return period or the mileage package, which has been provided for in the car rental contract. Where applicable, mention the costs for which the consumer must ensure the advance directly on behalf of the professional, car rental contract.

Car rental insurance information

The car rental agreement should contain the information that liability insurance is included in the car rental. This includes the guarantees, exclusions and deductibles of other insurances included in the car rental agreement. Also, do not forget to stipulate in the car rental agreement the insurance options offered as well as their price including VAT.

Information on the other related services of the car rental

The car rental contract must take into account the list of other ancillary services marketed as well as their price including tax or the method of calculating this price when it cannot be determined in advance. Legal obligations and guarantees must also appear in the car rental contract. This includes the lessor’s commitments in terms of maintenance, repair, assistance, and replacement of the car in the case of an incident or accident but also contractual liability limitations.

How to choose a car rental contract software?

Choosing a car rental contract software is essential to help you on a daily basis in the management and monitoring of your rental activity. How to make the right choice of car rental contract software? To do so, the myrentcar management solution has been developed by hitechsoftware and it respects the regulations in force and presents the 7 essential features of any good car rental contract software. These 7 essential features are as follows:

Editing car rental contracts

The car rental contract edition creation package consists of setting up all your commercial documents such as quotes, reservations, contracts and invoices to the image and graphic charter of your company (logo, color, layout, etc.…).

Management of short-term car rental contracts

The myrentcar software allows you to create a short-term car rental contract in just a few clicks through an intuitive online schedule. The car rental contract is edited and sent automatically according to the associated features, to save you time and efficiency.

Management of long-term car rental contracts

The myrentcar solution manages long-term car rental contracts and makes it possible to easily manage long-term contract files generally, which are longer than 6 months or even 1 year and include:

• Entering a time/kilometer pair included

• Intermediate invoicing of kilometers during the contract

• Pooling of kilometers

• The various types of invoicing

• Management of car replacements

• Generating direct debit files and accounting during general invoicing of files • Budget management (forecast/achieved)


The long-term car rental contract edition settings tool allows you to create and save multiple document formats depending on the destination. Through a long-term file, you will be able to edit many documents: right from the simple edition of a contract with general conditions through more specific editions (fuel mail, insurance, mail kilometers, mail alerts…).

Long-term car rental contracts

In a long-term car rental contract, the tenant has a schedule and knows the costs of the car(s) in advance that he shall rent. When the rents are not linear, this schedule makes it possible to show on the myrentcar software the changes in rents, which have been planned over the duration of the car rental contract but also the suspensions. Editing can be configured through the report management tool.

Quotation of car rental contracts

The quotation module for car rental contracts in the myrentcar software gives the possibility of quickly communicating and sending the customer a monthly budget, which takes into account the purchase value of the car, the duration of the contract, the mileage which has been included, the related services (insurance, maintenance, tires, replacement…) but also the residual value at the end of the car rental contract. This ensures the profitability of your services.

Monitoring car rental contracts

The interactive screen for monitoring car rental contracts in the myrentcar online software, provides a snapshot of the activity, depending on the nature of the document: reservations, inventory, contracts, renewed contracts, movements, and messages. This dashboard quickly highlights car rental contracts on departure, return, in progress and exceeded.

Digital signing of car rental contracts

The myrentcar software ensures the digital signature of car rental contracts. Once the contract has been created, it is automatically sent by email to the customer so that he can validate it at once from his smartphone. This saving of time and reliability that highlights your exchanges is a key point, which choosing your car rental contract software.

How to try car rental contract software?

The myrentcar car rental contract software is a SaaS solution, which can easily be accessed through the internet browser. Compatible with the car inventory application rentpad, the myrentcar management software has been designed to support you during each and every step of the rental business and fleet manager. The myrentcar car rental contract software naturally adapts to any management of a car rental company, but also a motorcycle, truck, or bicycle. Want to try out myrentcar car rental contract software? Nothing could be simpler, just fill out the form below to get a demonstration!

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