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How to choose your car management software?

How to choose your car management software?

How should you choose the right car management software for a fleet management company or a car rental agency?


You are a fleet manager or a car rental company? Do you want to change your current tools or you don’t have a car management application yet to manage and optimize your activity? It’s time to get rid of your Excel spreadsheet! Of course, Excel is a tool which allows you to handle your figures with flexibility but this file will never replace a car management software with advanced functionalities for fleet management. The objective here is to help you make your choice of vehicle management solution in this complex market and to recommend powerful tools such as the myrentcar fleet management software. Here is an analysis of the situation and the market.

What are the advantages of a car management solution?

There are many advantages to choosing a car management solution. First of all, centralizing all your activity on a single management tool will allow you to avoid re-entering data and gain in productivity. How can you do this? A car management software centralizes the planning, the movements, the geolocation, the invoicing or your accounting activity for your company. Having all the information about your vehicles, drivers and suppliers within a dedicated vehicle management application guarantees you will be able to manage your car fleet in total serenity and help you optimize your costs. This optimization is called Automotive TCO.


The TCO of a fleet is a central element to evaluate and make your fleet profitable. The TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) designates the global cost of a fleet. In other words, it allows you to calculate the different expenses related to your fleet. A good car management software allows you to quickly calculate the expenses and the turnover per vehicle in order to ensure the profitability of your fleet. Centralizing the data of your IT system, digitizing your processes and optimizing the TCO and profitability of a fleet are thus the main advantages of a vehicle management solution. However, it is important to evaluate your needs in order to choose the right tool.

What are your car management needs?

Identifying your car management needs is an essential step in choosing the right software for your company. The challenges of a fleet manager or a car rental company can be divided into two categories: structural needs and operational needs. The choice of a car management software can answer several objectives such as improving the follow-up of the vehicles, simplifying the management with automatic alerts or raising the awareness of the drivers. It is therefore important to know your needs and stakes perfectly in order to choose a management system that will correspond to your expectations and your budget (the choice of free but less complete software can also suite your needs).


If your search for a car management software has to meet structural needs, then it is important to choose a solution that collects and integrates all the information of your drivers and vehicles (mileage, fuel, location, …) while setting up automatic alerts accordingly (technical inspections, maintenance, movement, …). If your search for a car management application is to meet operational needs, then it is essential to choose a solution that automatically calculates your expenses and benefits to have a correct breakdown of expenses and optimize the profitability and TCO of your fleet. If your search for vehicle management software must meet both structural and operational needs, then we recommend you choose myrentcar, the most comprehensive fleet management application on the market.

What is the best car management application?

The myrentcar software is considered by many fleet managers as the best car management application. The myrentcar ERP is a SaaS-based management solution available on smartphone, tablet and computer designed for fleet management and vehicle rental professionals. The functionalities of myrentcar vehicle management software can be adapted to a car fleet as well as to a fleet of two-wheelers, vans, trucks or any other heavy goods vehicles and industrial vehicles. Compatible with the clickygo car-sharing application, myrentcar allows you to digitalize and automate your entire fleet management 24 hours a day with self-service connected vehicles, digital statements of condition and electronic signatures.


From managing the movements of your fleet to tracking drivers and optimizing your TCO, you will find that myrentcar is a car management software adapted to your needs. The comprehensive analysis and reporting tools of myrentcar allow you to anticipate your activity and support you in your decision making thanks to precise statistics and an interactive planning. The myrentcar vehicle management software is the ideal solution for managing the life cycle of your vehicles by controlling your supplies, reselling your cars, your financing, your maintenance, your fuel, your claims, your tickets and even your budget. An opinion shared by car fleet managers, dealerships, garages and international car rental companies.

What are the opinions on the vehicle management software?

Discover the comparison and opinions on the myrentcar vehicle management software for fleet and rental cars. Maxime Hellemans, IT Manager of France Cars, considers the myrentcar car management solution from hitech as “a tool that fully meets technical and operational expectations”. Sébastien Proux, General Manager of Tractafric Cameroon, believes that the myrentcar car management software is “a scalable and easy-to-use solution”. As for Florian Do-Rego, Benalu’s Administrative and Financial Director, he considers that “myrentcar saves the Group time on the administrative part and the management of its commercial vehicle fleets”. We recommend that you make your own opinion by obtaining a free demonstration of the myrentcar car management application below.

Myrentcar is the most complete car management software on the market