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Choosing your car check-in check-out application

Choosing your car check-in check-out application

An application to manage the checking-in and checking-outs of cars is essential to optimize and facilitate rental activity. How to make the right choice?


In addition to optimizing vehicle check-out, often considered as a tedious step by the renters and the customers, an application to manage your inventory of cars offers many advantages. Better follow-up, improved information sharing, dematerialization of paper documentation and time saving will be helpful for your company. Even more reasons to make the right choice. In the following article we will review how to choose your vehicle check-in and check-out application.

The 5 essential features of a car check-in and check-out application

A car check-in and check-out application must first of all offer 5 essential functionalities that meet the needs and challenges of a rental company. Here are the key functionalities that any good vehicle inventory application must offer.


Accurate monitoring: the vehicle check-in and check-out software must of course offer accurate and rigorous monitoring. This monitoring must take into account many parameters for an optimal management of your rental activity. It must be possible to monitor re-invoicing. The same applies to the registration of claims and the inventory of the vehicles in your fleet. The car inventory application must also allow you to choose the visual for the check-in and check-out (photo, diagram, sketch, …) and send it directly by email to the customer. Make sure that the stored documents are readable, accessible and traceable.


Intuitive management: the vehicle check-in and check-out application must be direct and intuitive to facilitate its use. Tablet compatibility is to be preferred so you can stay on the move and make the most of a large multi-touch screen. You must be able to scroll through your actions with ease (synchronization, entries and exits, vehicle listing, interior and exterior check-in and check-out, etc.) and be able to drag a wide range of icons (bumps, scratches, etc.) by touch. You will therefore become as accurate as you are fast.


A visualization of the vehicle status: The data collected by the vehicle inventory application must be visible from the vehicle master record or from the rental agreement in your management tool. Sharing information between all your teams will make things easier.


Technical accessibility: in order to be as accessible as possible, the vehicle inventory application must run on Android and Windows. Indeed, tablets with these operating systems generally have the most competitive rates on the market. In addition, data transfer via a wifi or 3G/4G/5G network must be possible to allow total synchronization of the information with your other software and management tools.


Data synchronization: as mentioned above, data synchronization is essential in order to take full advantage of your tools and optimize the rental activity. It must be possible to carry out vehicle check-ins and check-outs from a tablet using the application offline. Indeed, some inventory locations are often out of reach of the rental company’s wifi network. Once again connected to the network, the vehicle inventory software must be able to synchronize with your other management tools and communicate vehicle and contract data.

Additional tools for vehicle check-in and check-out software

Numerous tools and additional services complement the use of a vehicle inventory software perfectly. Compatibility with these tools is essential to allow access to new and very useful functionalities. Coupled with a vehicle check-in and check-out application, they offer an ingenious evolution of your computer systems.


Vehicle rental management software: in order to optimize a rental activity, a vehicle rental management software will centralize all the information of your company and will greatly help you to manage and make it profitable. The analysis and decision support tools will allow a better control of costs and a better follow-up of your fleet and customer satisfaction. All the information transmitted from the car check-in and check-out software will be taken into account on the management tool.


Long-term quotation software: in the context of long-term leases, long-term quotation software will allow you to calculate and quickly send the customer a personalized monthly budget taking into account all your information and settings.


A CRM dedicated to rental: the vehicle check-in and check-out application must be able to synchronize with a CRM dedicated to the rental sector to allow you to have an accurate follow-up of your activity. You will then find in the CRM all the information of your customers and their consumption habits to carry out acquisition, remarketing, or highly targeted marketing campaigns.

The vehicle check-in and check-out app provider

The acquisition of a vehicle inventory application represents more than a purchase, it is an investment that enhances the value of your company and it is therefore important to trust the right software provider. Take an interest in how the app provider will ensure the technical support, maintenance, and integration of your data. Are you going to have a support service available and listening to the potential problems you are encountering? Being able to exchange directly on the phone with a personal contact who knows all the ins and outs of your business is a real advantage. The opposite would obviously be a handicap for your company and the users of the car inventory software.


Striving to meet all the requirements of a vehicle rental activity, hitechsoftware has developed a real know-how in this field through its many years of experience. Our rentpad vehicle inventory application integrates all of the above mentioned features. Saving time, optimizing costs and tracking, traceability of information and increasing turnover, the advantages of the rentpad app are no longer to be demonstrated. More than 4,000 users have already taken the plunge by trusting us. rentpad is naturally compatible with our vehicle rental software myrentcar and all our tools such as the long-term leasing quotation software quotelio or the CRM caleo. The application also allows the inventory management of equipment and machinery.


Choosing rentpad’s vehicle check-in and check-out software to develop your business means trusting a team of experts who prioritize unrivaled quality of service and the preservation of a close relationship with its partners. Don’t wait any longer to contact us and boost your rental business! Find more information about the rentpad vehicle check-in and check-out application.