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5 tips to optimize boat rental management

5 tips to optimize boat rental management

Boat rental management certainly has a strong potential for development. Here are some tips on how it can be optimized and tips on how to make it profitable.


The boat rental market is booming. Indeed, thanks to new offers, new players on the market and innovative solutions, it is doing very well. Boat rental management is thus opening up  more and more to professionals in addition to attracting thousands of private individuals every year. It is in this context of growth in the boat rental market that boat fleet managers are facing some constraints. In order to help you, we will share with you 5 useful and efficient tips  to optimize the management of boat rental. Also, we recommend the implementation within your company of vehicle rental software.

How to manage a boat rental?

Firstly, educating your customers is essential to know how to manage a boat rental. If your users have the right habits when using your boat fleet, it can go a long way in reducing costs. Whether your company provides sailboats, inflatable or motorboats, sailboards, jet-skis, jet-boats, day-cruisers, cabin-cruisers or even yachts, boat rental management will in all cases require a few recommendations.


So, encourage your drivers to warn the boat rental company as soon as the first anomalies or signs of malfunction are detected. This will avoid possible costly breakdowns or immobilization of your boats. These are the basics of boat rental management to anticipate the evolution of your fleet and avoid additional costs that can be very expensive depending on the boats.

How to maintain a boat rental?

Raising customer awareness is not enough, maintaining a boat rental requires a rigorous management of maintenance and upkeep. Indeed, in order to limit problems and accidents, boat maintenance allows you to optimize the condition of your boats, to maximize their resale price, to avoid increasing insurance costs and above all to guarantee safety for your customers.


We therefore strongly recommend regular maintenance to properly manage a boat rental and reduce costs. Despite a small temporary immobilization, this presents more advantages in the long term than disadvantages. A boat rental software allows you to track all your repairs and maintenance, we will detail this below.

How to make a boat rental profitable?

Cost control is essential to know how to make a boat rental profitable. Start by calculating a break-even point. This threshold corresponds to all your revenues generated by your rental activity subtracted by the totality of your costs. These costs can take the form of rent, credit, salaries, charges, insurance, or maintenance. Boat rental companies also have the disadvantage of an activity that requires many significant investments.


Managing a boat rental therefore requires a meticulous calculation of profitability and the implementation of commercial objectives consistent with the capabilities of your company. A fair financial balance is then to be found in the management of a boat rental. Make sure that you are constantly able to make each of your rentals profitable with a boat-by-boat profitability calculation. Fortunately, there are computerized management tools available to analyze, track and calculate profitability and your turnover automatically. This good economic and financial management is a mandatory step to make a boat rental profitable.

How to enhance the value of a boat rental?

Enhancing the value of a boat rental involves diversifying your company’s offer and services. Thus, when booking one of your boats, do not hesitate to offer as a complement the rental of material, accessories and equipment such as buoys, water skis, life jackets, fishing rods, paddles, diving suits or beacons. It may not seem like much, but these small additions in the management of the boat rental business will help increase your average order and thus increase your sales and profits. This is an essential tip to enhance the value of boat rental.

How can I optimize my business with a boat rental management software?

In order to optimize its activity and ensure its growth, the implementation of a boat rental management software is highly recommended. Hitechsoftware has therefore developed the myrentcar boat rental solution in order to help all rental companies in the management of their company. Myrentcar is a management tool directly accessible online on computer, tablet or smartphone that centralizes your information. The myrentcar boat rental software allows you to easily manage all the boat rental cycles thanks to an intuitive schedule that edits reservations, quotes, contracts and invoices in just a few clicks. The myrentcar boat rental application also synchronizes all your reservations made from your website.


In addition to allowing optimal management of boat rental, myrentcar ensures the follow-up of your maintenance, servicing and repairs carried out on your vehicles via preventive alerts. The myrentcar boat rental management solution also offers complete analysis indicators to monitor your activity in real time and calculate a profitability balance sheet for each boat in addition to total accounting management. In accordance with our recommendations, the rental of all your materials, accessories and equipment can be directly added to a reservation on the software in order to enhance the value of the boat rental.


Compatible with the credalis financing management tool to ensure a better allocation of your financing and funds, the myrentcar boat rental software greatly optimizes the management of boat rental in a very simple and organic way. As the boat rental business has certain specificities, the implementation of the ERP within your IT system and the parameterization of your data is entirely taken care of by hitechsoftware’s technical support. So don’t wait any longer to improve the management of your rental activity and get started on the myrentcar boat rental solution by contacting our teams.

Myrentcar software optimizes boat rental management