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5 tips to optimize bike rental management

5 tips to optimize bike rental management

Bike rental management is a growing trend, here are the key tips to develop, optimize and make it profitable.


Despite attractive growth prospects, the bicycle rental market is still small compared to the market for cars, vans and other big vehicles. However, in recent years, there has been a growing interest in cycling, mainly in cities and downtown areas. The emergence of electric bicycles has greatly accelerated this trend that is not going to go away. Short-, medium- and long-term bike rental management is no exception to the rule, and many offers have quickly emerged on the market, particularly from local authorities, associations and in big cities. Bicycle and cycle leasing managers were then faced with a nascent activity that presented some logistical and financial complications. In this article we’ll discuss 5 tips and tricks to optimize bike rental management.

How to manage a bike rental?

To manage a bike rental business properly, one needs to have a good knowledge of how people cycle. Significant savings can be made through simple little habits adopted by the lessor. For example, regularly checking the condition of the brakes and tires of your bikes drastically reduces the risks, regardless of the type of cycle (mountain bike, ATV, ATV or EAB). Encourage drivers to notify the bike rental company if they see signs of advanced wear. These are the basics of bike leasing management to anticipate bike downtime, optimize your business and save money.

How do I maintain a bike rental?

It is necessary to maintain a bike rental to develop and facilitate the management of its activity. A bike fleet includes on average between 5 and 200 vehicles and recent studies show that maintenance is always important regardless of the size of the bike fleet. In fact, many bike rental companies have less bikes to rent as some are sent to the workshop and this is normal! How do you explain the significant part of maintenance in the upkeep of a bike rental?


In order to limit the risks of accidents and problems encountered, rigorous maintenance simply makes it possible to optimize the lifespan of the bikes, maximize their resale price and above all guarantee the safety of the drivers. Moreover, maintenance always generates less costs than a bike breaking down due to poor maintenance or an increase in insurance costs. Regular cycle maintenance is therefore strongly recommended for good bike leasing management. However, bike maintenance can be done very quickly. Generally, cleaning the frame, crankset, rims and spokes, lubricating moving parts, degreasing the transmission and making sure the tires and wheels are in good condition is enough. The use of a bike rental management software will also allow you to better follow your maintenance and repairs, we will come back to that later.

How do I charge for a bike rental?

Bicycle rental billing is essential in the development of your rental company and the maintenance and loyalty of your customers. Clearly define the billing process for a bike rental to avoid errors, increase customer loyalty and increase the rental company’s cash flow. Also, the re-invoicing of damages should not be delayed. When a customer hands over a damaged bike, quickly identify the damage so that you can charge the client accordingly if you do not want to pay the bill yourself. Fortunately, there are bike rental management software and applications available that ensure immediate digital rebilling.

How to digitalize my activity with a bike rental management software?

Today, digitizing your bike rental business with a bike rental management software is a major challenge to ensure sustainable growth and optimal management. There is a leading software to manage all aspects of bike rental: myrentcar vehicle rental system. Equipped with a modern interface and intuitive planning, the myrentcar bike rental management software integrates easily into your existing IT system, synchronizes with your website reservations, and is tailored to all user profiles. Accessible on computer, tablet and smartphone, the myrentcar bike rental management tool ensures:

  • – the bike rental management
  • – the quotation for the long-term lease
  • – commercial management
  • – park management
  • – stock management
  • – management of accessories and equipment
  • – repair management
  • – insurance management
  • – sales management
  • – the management of financing
  • – management of invoicing
  • – accounting management

Creating or extending a reservation and renting a bike can be done in a matter of a few clicks. Similarly, to edit and send quotes, invoices and other administrative and financial documents. In line with the key tips in this article, the myrentcar bike rental system also makes it easy to organize your maintenance and servicing via a comprehensive workshop management system. Also, the numerous analysis and monitoring tools available greatly aid decision-making and will allow you to quickly calculate your various budgets and break-even points on a bike-by-bike basis. Hitechsoftware’s teams are very reactive and at your disposal to guide you towards the adequate management tools that will ensure you comfortable time and productivity savings. You also wish to optimize the bike rental management with myrentcar? Ask for a demo.

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