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Benefits of electronic invoicing

Benefits of electronic invoicing

Billing is important in the digitization of businesses because invoices are a real dashboard of your activity.

What is electronic invoicing ?

The electronic invoice is a dematerialized document, created and sent electronically, containing and structuring a certain number of data such as the identity of the issuer, the integrity of the invoice, the legibility and the legal notices. It takes the form of a document in PDF format or an EDI file, usually accompanied by a framed electronic signature. The document must also be secure.

The benefits of invoice dematerialization

New bills accelerate digital transformation by promoting electronic invoicing or making it mandatory in some cases. So, infrastructures have adapted to these new technologies. In addition to transparency and environmental protection, there are many benefits to your business : eliminating printing and postal costs, improving customer and supplier relations, speeding up the payment process, optimizing storage space, reducing costs paperwork, eliminating the risk of document loss and especially time and productivity. Invoice dematerialization optimizes the management of your cash flow.

Security and legality

Security is also improved thanks to the archiving functionality, the architecture of information systems and the invoice tracking offered by software such as myrentcar car rental app or harmony equipment rental system specialized in leasing. So, it is important to opt for a trusted provider such as Hitech Software to authenticate your documents and ensure their legality and security.