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How should you automate emails in the car rental industry?

How should you automate emails in the car rental industry?

How should you automate emails in the car rental industry in order to easily send your quotes, contracts, inventory of fixtures and invoices?


As the rental industry becomes increasingly digital, a growing number of car rental companies and fleet managers are automating their car rental emails. How can you find the right tools to email car rental contracts with electronic signatures? Why myrentcar car rental management software is the ideal solution to facilitate your daily life and that of your customers? These questions will be answered in this article.

What is email automation in the car rental industry?

Email automation in the car rental industry is a growing trend that enables you to instantly send your customers quotes, contracts, inventory of fixtures or even your payments and invoices via an email with an electronic signature. An automatic email is an intelligent email sent to your recipients in an automated way, i.e. you don’t have to send it by yourself. Automating emails in the car rental industry allows you to save precious time and costs in the reservation process or when following up with customers. Indeed, once the reservation is made, your customers receive the quote directly on their phone or the contract in pdf format to be validated with the possibility of signing it directly online.


Sending information via sms is also an ideal commercial technique recommended by many fleet managers in the implementation of your marketing activity (reminders, promotions, offers, …), which greatly accelerates your communication and builds loyalty with your customer portfolio! Moreover, automatic emails in the car rental industry can be used internally to remind your teams of actions that need to be carried out or to transfer information and documents related to your company. Large automotive groups and many rental agencies already use this method. If you don’t already do so, it’s time to automate your processes and give your business a boost!

How does automatic emailing work in car rental?

It is quite easy to put into place automatic emails in the car rental industry. Configure your default messages according to the situation (quote, contract, billing, fines or schedules for long term rental) and configure the date and time to send the email. For example, when a reservation is confirmed, you can automatically send a car rental contract by email so that the customer can sign it electronically in a few clicks via his smartphone. It is therefore extremely important to opt for the right management software to automate emails in the car rental industry and optimize your car fleet. Surrounding yourself with a partner who will assist you for the foreseeable future in the installation and configuration of such a tool must therefore be a priority for your car rental company.

How to choose the right emailing software for the car rental industry?

When choosing an email software for car rental, you must take into account the system and a price that is adapted to the size of your activity. In order to support all car, van, truck and bike rental companies, hitech has developed the myrentcar online management solution, which allows you to automate your car rental emails and much more! The myrentcar car rental email software not only automates your emails, but also allows you to efficiently track and manage your scheduling, invoicing and accounting for short, medium and long term rentals. Myrentcar then provides you with CRM and analysis reports to help you make decisions and manage your marketing activity.


Compatible with the rentpad car inventory application, the myrentcar management solution is designed to take your entire rental process online by allowing you to share your inventory instantly by email after completing it on your tablet. The myrentcar automatic email software for car rental also guarantees the management of all the specificities of your car fleet, from the management of maintenance and fines to financing, car-sharing and self-service connected cars. Considered as a complete management tool that integrates perfectly with your IT system and your website, myrentcar software is now recommended by many rental companies such as DLM, France Cars or Tractafric to automate your business. Request your demo below!

Sens automatic email and much more with the industry reference in car rental software: myrentcar