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How to analyze an automobile fleet?

How to analyze an automobile fleet?

Managing a fleet properly goes hand in hand with analyzing an automobile fleet. How to optimize and yield profit from a fleet of vehicles?


Many vehicle fleet managers are quickly confronted with the profitability calculation and the overall monitoring of their activity, in order to properly manage and analyze an automobile fleet. As part of fleet management or vehicle rental, both in terms of short-term and leasing, it is essential to download a vehicle fleet analysis software adapted to your structure. How to make the right choice? Does a Fleet Analysis Solution genuinely provide growth and make a business yield profit? Why choose the myrentcar car rental software?

What is automotive fleet analysis software?

The myrentcar fleet analysis software offers a wide range of decision support tools to allow you to build reliable and precise reporting. Developed by expert teams in fleet management at hitechsoftware, myrentcar is an automobile park analytical software designed to assist you in your operational and strategic choices. Myrentcar ensures overall and extremely precise control over the vehicle fleet management, due to its clear and detailed statistics. Managing fleet logistics and optimizing TCO has never been easier with myrentcar fleet management!


There are several analysis of the myrentcar vehicle fleet management solution:

  • – Company/agency
  • – Activity: short term, long term, sale, transport
  • – Service: rental, insurance, fuel
  • – Geolocation
  • – Car pooling/self-service car management
  • – Vehicle type/category
  • – Fiscal year/month

The automotive fleet management software myrentcar centralizes all of your fleet information. How to download the myrentcar fleet analysis solution?  It’s very simple: There are no downloads! The automotive fleet analysis software myrentcar is an online solution, also known as SaaS, accessible through a web browser. Whether you are on a phone, computer or tablet, the data of your vehicle fleet is with you everywhere in real time through myrentcar, a benchmark vehicle fleet analysis application.

How to monitor a vehicle fleet?

How to facilitate information sharing and monitor a vehicle fleet? The interactive screen of the vehicle fleet tracking software myrentcar allows complete monitoring of your easily accessible activity. This efficient vehicle fleet analysis gives a glimpse of the activity based on the nature of the document: reservations, contracts, renewed contracts, movements, and messages. For example, the dashboard of the automobile fleet monitoring quickly showcases departing, returning, current and overdue contracts. Fleet analysis information is then centralized on the vehicle fleet monitoring software myrentcar and shared with all of your users.


The general analysis and reporting center of fleet tracking software myrentcar provides a macro view of performance. This center of automobile fleet analysis offers a wide range of axes to fine tune your follow-up. This allows you to obtain statistics related to the number of vehicles rented but also the related turnover. This is the secret to a proper fleet management! Calculating vehicle profitability by vehicle, by period or even by agency is possible through the myrentcar car fleet analysis system!


The leasing analysis center is also new in the statistics of the fleet management software myrentcar. A genuine decision support tool, the fleet analysis solution myrentcar allows you to manage your long-term business like profit centers by reporting turnover and expenses in detail. The vehicle fleet tracking solution myrentcar ensures control and optimization of your profitability and turnover through just a few clicks. It is the perfect management software package for fleet managers but also car, truck, motorhome, utility, or bicycle rental companies!

How to manage an automobile fleet?

Managing an automobile fleet efficiently, requires proper management of the vehicle turnover rate. Fleet management software myrentcar allows you for example to sort through your vehicles by type, category, agency and much more! A real performance indicator and a reflection of demand, analyzing the turnover or use rates shall allow you to highlight the number of days of rental, inactivity and movement over a period depending on the agency and vehicle category. The analytical fleet automobile software myrentcar greatly optimizes vehicle fleet rotation through an accessible and customizable interface and intuitive planning.


Compatible with rentpad vehicle inventory application, the fleet analysis software myrentcar saves time and productivity through all the phases of your company. The inventory becomes completely dematerialized through the rentpad application in order to simplify the fleet management. In addition to boosting the image of your company, make the customer relationship more reliable and leave no room for doubt through the recording of interior/exterior damage, the recording of fuel consumption and mileage not to mention the mint condition of accessories. With automotive fleet management software myrentcar, your customer or driver certifies managing and returning the vehicle with a signature on the tablet. Photos can be recorded to complete the inventory received by your customer, your drivers and the fleet manager.


The new challenges of the automobile park management imposes a complete dematerialization of the activity in order to remain competitive and facilitate your exchanges and the sharing of your information. This is the time to digitize the fleet management by choosing a tool which is in keeping with your requirements and your computer system! Good fleet management is always rewarded with positive results when it comes to the financial health of a company. Like many rental companies and fleet managers, you can get a demonstration of the automobile fleet management software myrentcar, by filling out the form herein below!

Myrentcar ensures overall and extremely precise control of your fleet