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How to choose an agricultural rental equipment software?

How to choose an agricultural rental equipment software?

Choosing an agricultural rental equipment software is a decisive investment when it comes to running a business. How to choose properly?


Effective management while renting an agricultural equipment mostly depends on monitoring the profitability of a business. This monitoring naturally involves optimal management of costs, planning, customers and of course the fleet of agricultural equipment and machinery. Therefore, it is all the more essential to install and set up an agricultural equipment rental software that will be able to manage all the specificities of the profession. Therefore, let’s check out how to choose the right ERP, its application and its agricultural rental equipment software!

How to manage a fleet of agricultural equipment?

Managing a fleet of agricultural equipment of a company through software is rather simple! An agricultural fleet management equipment software allows to monitor the entire machine fleet. Through the help of a dedicated interface, you can find all the information on the management of agricultural machinery. Do you wish to access your rental history? Plan logistics or interviews? Manage claims or stocks? Monitor fuel and insurance? It is possible to manage these areas of your company through a proper agricultural equipment rental management software!


Such a solution needs to centralize and synchronize all the data of your fleet and your website in one and within the same complete management tool! You need to maintain a detailed history of the operations of your agricultural fleet (maintenance, repair, etc.) as it is a guarantee of a quality service, which shall also allow you to benefit from a better price while reselling equipment. In order to be able to completely manage a fleet of agricultural equipment, this is a criterion that should not be overlooked while choosing an agricultural rental solution machine.

How to manage the agricultural equipment rental schedule?

It is essential to choose the right software in order to manage a company’s agricultural equipment rental schedule! An agricultural machine rental software schedule makes it possible to create a reservation, a quote, a contract, maintenance or even invoices through just a few clicks! The schedule of an agricultural equipment rental software must be able to automatically edit and send your PDF documents to customers and speed up exchanges and reservations! It is also recommended, to include the digital signature.


A schedule is a key tool when it comes to managing your business: sharing and centralizing a common schedule with your teams, which allows you to achieve a complete overview of current and future rentals, through the agricultural equipment rental software. This is the most effective trick to effectively manage the schedule, administration, and logistics of your farming activity! Therefore, make sure that the schedule is able to display all the key elements of your company while looking for agricultural machine rental management software.

How to yield profit through the rental of agricultural equipment?

You wish to yield profit from the rental of agricultural equipment of a company? This isn’t a secret that installing agricultural equipment rental software shall go a long way, in helping you advantageously and managing your machine fleet! Being efficient while handling an agricultural machine rental mostly depends on its profitability and this is what dedicated management software leads to! An agricultural equipment rental solution manages all your costs, right from the purchase of agricultural equipment and its resale to the management of fuel, maintenance or upkeep and its accounting.


Agricultural equipment rental software favors regular management and monitoring of all your costs while reducing the risk of breakdown and breakage of your agricultural equipment, in a drastic manner. Agricultural machine rental software ensures the sustainability of your machine fleet, the quality of your rental services and guarantees customer satisfaction through an adapted CRM. Moreover, you are sure about making consistent investments according to your budget and your profits. The implementation of an agricultural equipment rental software includes complete analysis and a rapid calculation of your profitability and therefore a point that should not be overlooked, to yield profit from a fleet of agricultural machinery!

How to install farm equipment rental software?

Downloading and installing farm equipment rental software is a key step in building a business. Make sure that your employees can be trained and are able to master the tool before downloading, installing, and implementing a management solution. Fortunately, this is what hitechsoftware does, through the integration of the harmony software within your IT system. Harmony is now the benchmark agricultural equipment rental solution for all agricultural machinery rental companies! The teams at Hitech can help you configure all the information on your agricultural machinery and train you on using the harmony software, correctly. Support is available throughout the week to answer your questions and help you if need be.


The agricultural equipment rental management software Harmony has all of our recommendations mentioned right above. Harmony allows you to easily manage your fleet and your rentals through just a few clicks from an intuitive interface.. Compatible with the inventory app rent pad and your website, the Harmony agricultural machine rental software ensures complete digitalization of your activity. Harmony guarantees considerable time, productivity, and efficiency savings when it comes to the management of an agricultural equipment rental. This is the reason why; rental companies and farmers are boosting their growth by installing the Harmony software package! Thus, we advise you to come up with your own opinion by filling out the form below and obtain a demonstration of the Harmony agricultural equipment rental software!

Harmony is a complete and innovative agricultural equipment rental software