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3 types of essential information shared through equipment rental software

3 types of essential information shared through equipment rental software

The use of appropriate equipment rental software should allow you to share different types of information within your company. From the management of the equipment fleet to the satisfaction of your customers, the availability of the right information at the right time is essential. Below are 3 types of information that should be able to be collected and shared through your equipment rental software.

1 – Management of your equipment fleet and the operation of your activity

The operation of your business and the management of your equipment fleet, in order to be efficient, must be able to rely on a certain amount of reliable and relevant information. The operation must be able to be managed on the basis of an ergonomic schedule and accessible to all your teams in order to avoid misunderstandings and errors as much as possible. This planning should allow software users to quickly access a clear overview of the activity at a given time. Maintenance, maintenance alerts and various commercial documents (quotes, reservations, contracts, invoices) must be archived and accessible at all times. Your equipment must all be meticulously monitored (rental and maintenance history) in order to offer your customers the right equipment in good condition.

2 – Managing your customer relationships

The information about your customers is diverse and varied. Your equipment rental software should allow you to easily access a clear and complete customer file, if it is customisable it is even better. All rentals that your customer has made must be archived in the form of complete and detailed invoices, linked to the equipment concerned. Your staff must have access to your customers’ habits and all their contact information easily. Finally, late payments and non-payments are scourges that should not be underestimated for a company. That’s why a proper equipment rental software should enable you to control customer risk: automatic messages for your staff, alerts, blockages, stock management and reminder letters.

3 – Your equipment rental software for better decisions

The equipment rental software must give you access to a wealth of information that allows you to control your business today and have a history of its past. But that’s not all, it should also allow you to analyse your business with relevant and complete information such as turnover rates or the profitability of each of your equipment, to name just two. In this way, you will be able to take the decisions that will be most favourable to the proper development of your business.

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