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3 new myrentcar software features that make car rental easy

3 new myrentcar software features that make car rental easy

Discover the 3 new myrentcar software features that will simplify your car and fleet rental management.


The myrentcar car rental management software has become the industry standard, supporting numerous car rental companies and fleet managers. Accessible in SaaS mode on smartphones and computer, the myrentcar tool is intuitive and guarantees full control of all the specific aspects of the car rental business. Faced with the growing need for dematerialization, automation and centralization of information, the recent updates of the myrentcar software facilitate your daily work. Let’s take a look at the 3 latest myrentcar software features that will save you time (and money) while monitoring and managing your vehicle rentals!

How can you edit a car rental email?

Are you wondering how you can edit a car rental email directly from your rental management software? It is now possible from within the myrentcar ERP! How does it work? When you edit a quote, a contract, an inventory of fixtures or even an invoice, send the personalized document with electronic signature simply from the myrentcar interface. More importantly, this tool also allows you to set up and automate your emails so that your digital documents are sent instantly with a simple click. For example, a customer who books a vehicle on your website will receive the online quote directly by email for electronic validation.


The rental company gains time and is more responsive while keeping all of these documents validated in PDF format on its management application by editing and automating the email straight from the platform. Why is this important? E-mail exchanges have become a major component of the rental and fleet management business. Automating and digitizing these e-mails as much as possible guarantees an improved customer experience while improving the mobility and reliability of your conversations with customers. The car rental app software development company hitech listens to the needs of the industry and this update of the myrentcar management software was highly anticipated by car rental companies.

How to easily search for vehicles, rental contracts and invoices?

It is now possible to search for vehicles, rental contracts or invoices easily from the myrentcar software thanks to the new listing grids. How does it work? When you access your schedule, your vehicles, customers, quotes, reservations or invoices, the myrentcar vehicle rental management application now allows you to sort your searches. Sorting can be done simply by availability, registration, category, order number, telephone, agency or even departure and return date. Why is this important? It is essential for rental and fleet management professionals to find information quickly in order to respond as quickly as possible to customer demands, and in general, customers who are more and more impatient. Therefore, the improved search functionality is a new feature of the myrentcar management solution that will greatly increase your responsiveness.

How do I integrate Autovista estimates into my leasing quotes?

Vehicle quotes are now an integral part of the long-term rental business and it is now possible to integrate Autovista estimates into the leasing quotes directly from the myrentcar management software. How does it work? The myrentcar solution has a long-term car leasing quote system that allows you to calculate a precise estimate based on the purchase value of the vehicle, the mileage, the related services and of course its residual value. Why is this important? The accuracy of your long-term and lease-to-own leases define the profitability of your business. It is therefore necessary for you to take this into account in your market estimates.


The integration of Autovista’s quotes is an update of the myrentcar car rental management application that guarantees exemplary reliability and assured profitability of your long term vehicle rentals. The myrentcar solution has been designed to support car rental companies and fleet managers at all stages of their activity, from short and long term rental to planning, maintenance and accounting management. Thanks to its adaptability and its numerous improvements, myrentcar now equips many small, medium-sized businesses and large automotive groups. Like them, we recommend that you try out myrentcar software’s new features and arrange a demo to centralize, digitalize and boost your company’s growth.

The myrentcar software is regularly improved to adapt to the changes in the car rental industry!